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Thursday, 18 June 2015

BD708 impact resistant wear resistant coatings, impact & wear resistant coating

product usage for BD708:
    BD708 impact & wear resistant coatings is the high performance wear & impact resistant polymerization material compounded by high performance wear resistant aggregate(silicon carbide,alumina,carborundum etc.) and special high polymer material.It can be blade coating,with good water resistance and high bonding strength,excellent in wear & impact resistance. Used in the wear repairing of equipment overflowing parts and the preparation of impact & wear resistant coatings on the whole equipment overflowing parts,exclusively used in the surface wear repairing of magnetic separator roller or the preparation of wear & impact resistant coatings on the roller surface directly,exclusively used in repairing chute,centrifuge and ball mill end cover

How to use:
  1.  Surface treatment: Do coarsening treatment on the pending-repair part,(sand blasting treatment will get the best effect,if it doesn't have sand blasting condition,can do grinding treatment with angle grinder),the surface after coarsening treatment should be cleaned by cleaning agent(can use acetone,ethyl acetate etc.),then dry it by airing,the surface after this treatment should be the coarsening,clean and fresh metal substrates.
   (Make the special undercoat of  BD708 impact & wear resistant coating mix uniformly according to specified percentage,and brush coating on the substrate surface,then wait for the undercoat curing)
  2.  Preparation:After undercoat fully curing,according to the specified ratio,make A and B component of BD708 impact & wear resistant coating mix uniformly,and use it up within 30 min.Generally it’s while construction and configuration.Every time the most configuration quantity is not more than 5Kg,every time configure too much adhesives,the curing speed is fast,hasn't been used up until the adhesive has already partial cured and can't be used.
  3.  Coating:The suitable coating thickness of  BD708 impact & wear resistant coatings  is 3~10mm,make the mixed-up material be coating on the undercoat surface,the adhesive layer should be compacted.Repair the surface to be smooth after the coating is coated on the required size.
  4.  Curing condition:suggest curing for 72 hours before putting into use,if needing instant-on,can heat it up to 80℃ slowly and keep this temperature for about 3 hours after room temperature curing for 4 hours.
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